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We believe the best way to master the future is to define it yourself. Combining an outstanding business sense and deep understanding of technology and human behavior with the speed innovation needs today, we help companies to define what’s next for them, their categories and markets.

Our experience, methodology and tools enable organizations across categories and of all sizes to build sustainable innovation and establish confidence in what’s ahead of them.

OK, Future – here we come.

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Innovation Strategies

Discover your next Product, Service or Business Model with OK Future. Real innovation isn’t just brainstorming, or one great idea, or a list of tech buzzwords. It’s the only way to define a sustainable business strategy.

And at OK Future, it‘s a tangible and proven process with fast and validated results.

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Team Enablement

We deliver tailored and interactive learning experiences to make your teams the best future versions of themselves.

OK Future coaches have real world experience and enable your talent to get the most out of Agile, Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Business Modeling and Product Discovery.

Design & Development

We build what drives your business. Turning discovery into delivery, OK Future develops user-centric websites, apps and software products.

Full stack – from emerging technologies to scalable cloud platforms – our team designs, prototypes and builds solutions that grow your business and shape your future.

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From partnering with start-ups to consulting some of the largest corporations in the world. From B2B technologies to fast moving consumer goods. Talk to us to learn how we helped these organizations to discover what’s next and define their future.

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What we’ve done.
Selected work.

Asphaltgold – Sneaker  App

Solving a unique e-Commerce problem while developing a sustainable strategy for growth. Learn more about how the Asphaltgold Releases project makes sneakerheads and the business happy.

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FPS – Team Enablement

Coaching a newly created team on the fundamentals of project management and collaboration methodology to enable speed, clarity and lasting success – together.

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LateBack – Mobility Startup

We were lucky enough to meet the LateBack founders on day one of their journey and helped them to quickly shape a mobility app that is used and loved by tens of thousands of commuters across Germany.

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Mobility Startup.

Project: LateBack App
Year 2020


The two co-founders approached us as soon as they had the idea for their product: an app that simplifies the refund system for delays offered by many German public transportation networks (RMV, HVV, Deutsche Bahn). Without a company, a name or any go-to-market strategy, the enthusiastic team was looking for support in shaping the idea into a product.


We worked with the founder team to synthesize their ideas into assumptions, a value proposition canvas and a clear product positioning. We developed the product name LateBack to communicate how easy and laid back it was to get your money back for delayed trains and buses. During the initial product development phase and release iterations, we consulted on product strategy, pricing and go-to-market.


Within 3 months, LateBack was named, developed and launched to the app stores. In 2019, more than 400,000 claims were processed by the LateBack servers. The app has more than 2,500 reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars across the App Store and Google Play.

Releases App.

Asphaltgold Releases & Raffle App

Strategy Consulting / Concept / Development


The sneaker world is facing an interesting problem: a very limited number of rare sneakers is available for purchase while the number of sneaker fans who want to buy the product is huge.

No great solution exists: Either the sneakers are sold out in seconds (sometimes snatched up by bots) with a tremendous load on the e-Commerce infrastructure and many potential buyers frustrated, or retailers have to find other ways like Instagram raffles. This mechanic comes with a lot of manual work and cumbersome steps to sell a relatively small number of items.

Our Strategy

Embedded in an overall e-Commerce Strategy, we created a concept for a Mobile App that allows customers to apply for the purchase of hot-release sneakers in a given time period.

All details like size, shipping and payment details are collected at the time of registration and are saved in the customer account.

At the end of the draw period,  available products are matched with the participations by a fair draw algorithm. Selected winner payments are captured and orders are fulfilled. All other entries are cancelled automatically.

The whole system is is set up using Shopify Plus as the e-Commerce backend and the front-end apps are available on Apple iOS and Android.


The Asphaltgold Releases App was launched in March 2021 and immediately became a regular member of Apple's Top 50 Shopping Apps on the App Store.

Customers all over the world praise the app for great easy user experience and its fair draw method.

Asphaltgold's process went from 10 manual steps for processing an Instagram raffle to a fully automated system that handles releases end-to-end.

End to end, the experience is dramatically improved for customers as well as for the business.

Team Enablement.

FPS Law – Special Services Unit

Coaching / Team Alignment / Project Management Training


FPS is a leading German law firm with a vast number of projects that are not law cases. From social media activities to employer branding and IT processes – many projects require a cross-functional team to get things done.

We were approached by the CDO to support the forming an enablement of such a team to make sure future projects are set up for success.


We designed a custom project plan to address the unique needs and situation of FPS.


The team is now enabled to communicate more effectively, manage projects with greater confidence and move ideas from discovery to delivery with speed and quality.